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Resume & Cover Letter Development

 Consider this when designing your resume….


 First Impressions:

 Is the layout easy to read with ample white space?

 Is it professionally designed

Did you include a Qualifications Summary highlighting key skills, experience, education and accomplishments relevant to the targeted job?

Is the length appropriate for the position you are applying for?

Is the font style and size consistent throughout the resume?


Accomplishments & Recognition:

 Are accomplishments listed utilizing strong and varied action words


 “Outstanding record in recruiting, training and motivating employees”

 “Received safety award for accident prevention and workplace safety”

“Consistently ranked among the top 5 Sales Reps in the company”

“Assisted with reorganizing filing system, resulting in increased efficiency for all staff”


Choose between a Chronological, Functional or Combination Resume

The Chronological Resume lists your previous work experience and works backwards throughout your employment history. The Chronological resume usually covers approximately ten years of work history, highlighting skills and experience acquired from each position held. This is the most traditional resume used and often the one most employers prefer. If you are applying for a similar position from the ones you have previously held then go with this resume type.


The Functional Resume lists skills and achievements without mention of work history. If you have a very limited work history and or large gaps in employment you may choose to use this resume format.


The Combination Resume is most often used for those seeking a career change from what they have previously done in the past. The combination resume highlights skills and experience pertinent to the position being applied to and also lists previous employment history.


Cover Letters

5 Reasons to include a cover letter with your application package:

1)    Great first impression – indicates to employers that you have put thought into the   company and position you are applying for

2)    Summarizes key skills, experience and accomplishments that are related to the qualifications noted in the job posting

3)    Provides an opportunity for you to showcase what you know about the company and position you are applying for.

4)    Allows you to state your personal attributes and explain why you would be a good fit

5)    It’s that little extra that just may be the deciding force that puts your application into the YES pile!


Cover Letter Format

Opening Paragraph: State clearly the position you are applying for and provide one or two sentences indicating your interest in the position

Body- Paragraph 1: Describe how you match all the qualifications in the position posted – provide examples as the where you demonstrated those skills in your previous employment history

Body- Paragraph 2: Explain why you would like to work for this particular organization and what personal qualities or attributes make you an ideal candidate for the job

Closing- State your interest in meeting with the employer; list your contact information and most importantly ask for the interview.